What if
one survivor
can cure thousands
of other people
with cancer.

We are on a mission:
proof-of-concept in 2023
using antibodies of cancer survivors.

One for all.
All for one.
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AIMM Therapeutics presents new preclinical data at AACR 2020

AIMM Therapeutics Presents Preclinical Data on its Four Oncology Therapies at AACR’s Annual Meeting Session on Antibody Technologies (more…)

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About us

Our mission is to isolate and develop antibodies from cured cancer survivors to create safe, effective and targeted therapies for other cancer patients. We believe our approach has the potential to leverage the cancer fighting success of others to bring deep and sustained anti-cancer benefits to many …


AIMM’s focus is to interrogate the B-cell antibody response of cancer survivors to identify novel and innovative treatments for yet unserved or underserved cancer patients. Utilizing our AIMSelect and AIMProve platforms, AIMM has developed a strong pipeline of novel drug candidates that bind new and unexpected targets and epitopes…

Lead optimization
Preclinical development
Phase 1
E-cadherin glyco-form
CTA Q4 2020


AIMM was founded based on proprietary and groundbreaking B-cell immortalization technologies. Using our method of retroviral transduction, the total B cell repertoire from cancer survivors can be interrogated to identify unique and specific antibodies (AIMSelect). Immortalized B-cell clones demonstrate expression of activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID), which through our AIMProve platform, we are able to isolate affinity variants of the originally identified antibody and cloned antibody. Using this approach we have been able to improve the affinity of some of our lead candidates more than 100-fold ….


Collaborations are essential to AIMM’s mission. Whether we are collaborating with a treating physician who has identified a patient with a robust response to their treatment, an academic group that has developed unique biology/capabilities to understand how our products work, or with a company that has developed complimentary technology, AIMM will strive to find a win-win structure that enables us to discover and develop new and effective treatments for our patients…


AIMM Therapeutics is located in Amsterdam on the premises of Amsterdam UMC, AMC location.

Meibergdreef 59
1105 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 5662145