It’s in our blood

Collaborations are essential to AIMM’s mission.

Whether we are collaborating with a treating physician who has identified a patient with a robust response to their treatment, an academic group that has developed unique biology/capabilities to understand how our products work, or with a company that has developed complimentary technology, AIMM will strive to find a win-win structure that enables us to discover and develop new and effective treatments for our patients.

If you have:

  • Identified a patient with a strong immune response to their tumor, either spontaneously or as a result of treatment
  • Are interested in following the B cell development and maturation during treatment
  • unique biological expertise that might push our products forward
  • Have a technology that enhances the potency of AIMM’s tumor specific antibodies
  • Have capabilities to broadly develop and commercialize antibody therapeutics

…then we would like to collaborate with you.

Please write us at:

AIMM Therapeutics BV
Meibergdreef 59
1105 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Or send an email to: